【実物不動産投資】(4月時点)1棟マンションが好調、区分、1棟アパートも強気相場継続 Reading Time: 0 minute前回「【実物不動産投資】今、個人が投資できるマンションやアパートの利回りはどうなっているの?」にて、個人投資家を主体とする実物不動産市場の利回りを見たが、4月時点の情報が出たのでアップデートしたい(データ、グラフは「楽待...



The regional bank was given kickback from the construction company! What is the impact on JREIT?

Practical acquisition of self-investment mouth! It also has a positive effect on other low rated REITs

What are the yields of apartments and apartments that individuals can now invest?

The amount of property acquisition is going well this year, and there is a possibility that it will increase more than last year!